Cairo Lunch 2015 | 2/28th Battalion & 24th Anti-Tank Association Event | 26 July 2015 {Avon Valley & Perth Event Photographer}

The annual Cairo Lunch was held recently, at the RAAF Airforce Association Club in Perth, and I was again privileged to be able to cover this amazing event, which celebrates the pivotal role our Diggers played in both Tobruk and Borneo during the Second World War.

Now a lunch for veterans and their families, this event actually began many years ago as an annual Ball, to celebrate the rest and recreation our soldiers had whilst on Leave in Egypt (Cairo) during their time abroad (which is why you'll see plenty of Fez hats and belly dancers as you scroll down the page!).

Sadly, my Grandfather passed away earlier this year, and will be greatly missed by both our family, his comrades, and the association. But I feel immensely proud of both him and his comrades for the sacrifice they made, and their ongoing contribution to all things veterans affairs in the years since. 

This is definitely one of my favourite regular events, and I think well deserving of its own Journal entry featuring some of the images!

Cairo Lunch Journal Entry 2 (0).jpg