Are the digital files included?

Definitely! All my packages include both print and screen resolution versions of your images, so you can make prints and share them around whenever you want to!

How are the digital files provided?

Normally on DVD, either hand delivered or via Australia Post, but I can also do thumb drives, and/or transfer through WeTransfer for jobs that are needed pronto!

Can I purchase products?

Of course! Even though you receive the digital files, and are free to organise your own prints and products, you also have access to my range of beautiful products, which include albums, fine art, alumalux and ice block printing, some of which are only available through a professional photographer.

When will my images be ready?

I pride myself on my fast turnaround. Most small jobs of 30 images or less will be ready within 1 week, and larger jobs within 2 weeks. And if you have an even tighter deadline, just let me know, and I will gladly try and accommodate it. 

Do you travel outside the Avon Valley?

Yes, absolutely! Travel is included in the prices listed for weddings held up to 130km from me (which includes the Perth metro area) or quoted individually if being held further afield.  Travel is also included when I quote on events and commercial gigs.  Family sessions are a little different, and are charged at $1/km return on top of the prices listed, for locations more than 30kms from Northam. And if I need to stay past dinner being served and/or overnight, you will also need to cover expenses such as meals and accommodation. 

Who chooses the location for my photoshoot?

You can, I can, or we can go look together! I have access to loads of great spots that suit all types of shoots, or you might have somewhere special in mind yourself. 

Who chooses the Images I will receive?

Generally speaking, I do, with the exception of family images, which are chosen by you via an online gallery. This reduces the time involved in processing, which helps me keep my prices at a very competitive level, and allows me to get your images out to you quickly. But don't worry, after checking the technical side of things, I view each image from a client perspective, which means I always provide you with the images you look great in, and/or which best depict your event or product. If, however you feel you'd like to choose the images yourself, I am happy to have a chat about the options with you. 

Do I have to pose?

Not if you don't want to! I can use a more casual approach, and simply direct you instead, then we just let the moment unfold from there. This is how I create the relaxed, candid look you see in a lot of my work. Believe me, it's not as hard as it seems. 

But I don't like to have my photograph taken!

Don't worry, most of us feel that way in front of the camera. But as a professional photographer, I have the skills and experience needed to direct you in a way that makes you feel comfortable, and brings out the best in you on the day.

What's the deal with copyright, and how does it affect me?

Copyright remains with me, but we both share ownership and usage of the images, which means you are free to use them for the purposes they were shot for, and I'm free to use them in my portfolio, and for display and advertising purposes. If however, you feel you'd like to make an alternative arrangement, I am happy to have a chat about the options with you.

How do I make a booking?

When you make an enquiry, I can help you narrow your package choices down (if you need me to!), and then send you a more detailed outline of what your chosen package includes. You then just need to pay your deposit or session fee and sign a simple contract, and voila, your date/booking is secured!