I'm a natural light photographer, with a candid, documentary approach to shooting, and an editing style reminiscent of film. 

I capture the real stuff, the stories that unfold between people with an honest connection to both each other and their environment.  So I don't need big mountains or high end reception venues to create beautiful images for you, I'm just as happy with a patch of summer grass, or an old tin fence or building as the backdrop to your story. 

And I don't need you to strike a formal pose for me, instead I'll just give you some direction, and let the moment unfold from there.  Because I believe you should feel relaxed and enjoy your time with me.  I also believe you should receive images that are sincere and authentic, and a true reflection of you and/or your event or product. So I keep it low fuss, because it doesn't need to be complicated! 

I love the simple things in life, like bonfires, road trips and being outside. I'm a weather gazer, not a Netflix watcher, and I get just as excited about storms and moody, overcast days, as I do about back lighting and sun flare.  Because all weather is awesome for photos!  I read a lot, and I still buy books and magazines in print form.  I print my photos and make albums for my family too.  

I own a 1968 HK Holden Brougham, which my husband and I rebuilt from the ground up.  I love cars and sub culture, and I was once a champion 8-Ball player.  I love original and live music, and I'm also a big fan of tattoos, but I don't have any!

I'm a lover of vintage, handmade and recycled items, and I collect old things.  Anything from fabrics and patterns, to tins, farm tools, records, crockery, and vintage coats.  I'm also an op-shopper, and most of my favourite dresses are hand-made.

But enough about me, now let’s create beautiful images together!

Thankyou for capturing the relaxed and happy atmosphere of our wedding day so beautifully. You were a delight to work with, and your ability to direct rather than pose us meant we received lovely, natural images, whilst having fun in the process. - Tony & Anna