Bali + Lembongan | Travel | August 2015 {Avon Valley Documentary & Travel Photographer}

A seemingly endless run of frosty nights and icy days has me dreaming of warmer places, so I'm casting back to a year ago, when I travelled to Bali and Lembongan with my girlfriends from school, for a week of R&R...

No husbands, no kids, just us and a week of lazy days spent by the pool and on the beach, drinking G&T's, laughing till our sides split, and savouring the most amazing array of food this special place has to offer.  Plus a heap of shopping, countless massages, a couple of crazy motorbike rides, and a few random nights out.  And then an ash cloud to keep us there for a few more days! 

So who wants to pack me in a suitcase, take me on their next holiday, and have me document it all in beautiful pictures?