Australian National Balloon Championships 2015 | Northam, Avon Valley Event | 24 August - 6 September 2015 {Avon Valley & Perth Event Photographer}

This year we were blessed to be able to host the Australian National Balloon Championships, right here in Northam, in the picturesque Avon Valley of Western Australia.

Last held here in 1981 and 1984, this event saw balloonists from Australia, China, Hong Kong and Japan fill our skies each morning at daybreak, in an explosion of colour, as they competed for the national title.

And I was lucky enough to be there. On the ground, and in the air. Over four mornings of 4am starts. And mostly on and over our family farm, which made it just that little bit extra special!

The following set of images were shot over those four mornings, as I tailed, launched and flew with local balloonists Pete, Mick and Andrew Clements from 'Team Jenna'. 

And all I can really say about the experience, is that it was completely stunning. We were blessed with morning after morning of soft light sunrises, fog in the hollows, and incredible Wheatbelt landscapes of canola and wheat, mixed with little pockets of Salmon and York Gum bushland.

It was a photographers dream come true, and I even learnt a thing or two about flying...

Balloon Nationals Journal Entry 3 (18).jpg
Balloon Nationals Journal Entry 3 (21).jpg