I'm a wife and mother, and a self declared homebody, although I do still love the occasional random night out. I live in an old stone farmhouse set in the middle of an olive grove, which is set in the middle of our family farm. Which means I live where I grew up.

I love bonfires, road trips and being outside, and most days I live in my farmy work clothes and blundstone boots. Sometimes I even shoot in them.

I'm easy going and creative, but also practical, organised and efficient, which some people might say isn't possible, given I'm also a Scorpio.

I drive a 1968 HK Holden Brougham, which my husband and I rebuilt from the ground up. I love cars and sub culture. I was once a champion 8-Ball player, and I can still hold my own on a pool table if I need to. I love original and live music, the heavier the better. I also love tattoos, but I don't have any. I can appear a little alternative, but I'm really quite conservative. 

My favourite eras are the 1960's and 1970's, but I'm warming to the 1980's as my memory of it fades. I collect old things, anything from buttons and fabrics, to tins, farm tools, car parts, records, kitsch prints, crockery, books and magazines, dresses and coats. I love op-shopping. And most of my favourite dresses are hand-made. 

But enough about me! I'm so glad you've found me. Now let's make beautiful pictures together!